Here's How to Drive a Sports Car Right

drive a sports car
drive a sports car

Basically, a sports car is different from a car that is used for daily use. A sports car is a vehicle that is created with various advantages, such as engine, features, shape, sound, feel, and dings. So here, drivers are required to understand more in detail so that the driving process is safe and correct.

  • The first thing to do is check the "outside" of the sports vehicle, such as ground clearance (for the driver to determine the center of gravity). The condition and character of the tires (are they in accordance with the designation, wet/dry, HT / AT, directional/unidirectional). The position of the engine, front, mid or rear engine (so that the driver is able to suppress symptoms of excessive under and oversteer). Vehicle reference point.
  • Second, checking "Inside", such as: adjust the seat, make sure the driver can sit comfortably, and is able to reach the instruments on the dashboard so that the operation and control of the vehicle run well. Make sure the driver can get in and out of the cabin smoothly. Adjust the position of the rearview mirror, observe the blindspot corners which usually occur because of the position and shape of the pillars on the vehicle. Make sure the features (passive & active) are installed, are they functioning properly and the driver understands how it works and how it operates. Such as brake systems, suspension, airbags, steering, safety belt, and body frame.
  • Third, do "Orientation". Observe & make sure you understand the operation: AT / MT transmission system, parking brake, how to start the engine, and the location of the levers of other supporting instruments. When the engine starts, check the depth of the brake pedal, hear the roar of the engine (step on the gas pedal, how aggressive the RPM must go up) and turn the steering wheel right or left (to find out the lag and the amount of turning angle). Wait a few moments, make sure the driver is able to control emotions and master safety driving techniques. Make sure all safety belts are installed (if there are passengers) before the vehicle moves. The first five to 10 minutes of a vehicle moving is the process of the driver learning to master the sports vehicle. For this reason, do it at a low speed and recognize the symptoms on the vehicle.
  • Fourth, "Operations & Maneuvers". Operate the device properly and properly so as not to damage the sports car. Position both hands always holding the steering wheel at the position of 3 and 9 o'clock. The goal is to reduce vibration and stability.

Do turn the steering wheel "Pull & Push" and maneuver turns in "Out-In-Out" with the adjusted speed. After feeling confident, stay in control of your emotions, don't be lured into a loud acceleration by hearing the roar of the exhaust sound (unless conditions allow) or the provocation of other drivers.

Always vigilant is one of the keys to safety. Never drive beyond your own ability, do it gradually considering that sports cars are created to be more aggressive than vehicles in general.

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