2009 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Reviews & Ratings

2009 toyota highlander hybrid
2009 toyota highlander hybrid

Well i am a car freak and has driven BMW X5, Lexus 350, Audi Q7, Lexus 430L, Range Rower and found out every car has its own + and -. There is not a signle car in market which will offer youy everything you want until you start going into custom made cars.

I have this highlander hybrid limited 2009 for almost a week now and has found out that it is best family car in the market in this segment.

It is worth every penny and i think i have made a smart choice.

I being a computer engg. have always being analytical about things i spend money on. This time while looking for a new car i was looking at few core things as i am going to be a father in few months.

Safety, Comfort, Energy and Environment frendly.

I looked at few other cars like Acura MDX as well as RX450h.

Acura is a very nice and sportiy car but being a Gas Guzler i passed on

I liked 450h but price all the options and third row seat were coming in way of buying it

Then i came across highlander and from start i looked at only limited versions.

Both gas and hybrid versions of highlander are great but i settled for hybrid as i just loved the quiteness and smoothness of drive.

Some people start looking at the cost of a hybrid vehicle by just doing the math in terms of gas and keep saying its not worth spending money on hybrid as extra money spended on it is not recoverable.

But i think it is not just about saving money in gas. It is much bigger than that. I think just the feeling that i have taken a step towords a better, cleaner, pollution free energy independent world. Just the feeling of it settles my mind.

People who just do math need to drive this car for a day and they will realize it.

I havent used the third seat yet but have tested going into the third row and even for me 6' and 200 pound it is easy enough. CD system is just great. Navigation and heated seats adds flavor. Lot of space. Our whole family (mom, dad, me my wife and coming child) can easily fit into it and even then we will have space for some guests.

Stou seat is just great and i think kids can really take advantage as they can easily move in the car. Rear seat temp controls are just great.

Overall this vehicle is one of the best in the market in this segment. Total family car and moreover not like will be called as i am driving my wife's car. Has the looks so that i can take to my work and can get some stares.

It has some cons also as every other car.

Like it lacks in experior as well as interior style. Being very spacious inside it lackes the cushy feeling you get in lexus or acura.

Some cheap plastic is used which you can find if you are damm critical about every nook and corner of car.

While driving in economy mode you press accelarator and will feel that vehicle is not responding to it.

But i think all the cons are driven my mind but if you look at overall picture these cons will start getting justified also.

Well to end i am very satisfied with the vehicle and absolutely love and will recommed to each and every one.

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