Audi A4 Automatic Gearbox Problems

2019 audi a4 4k hd wallpaper
2019 audi a4 4k hd wallpaper

Please take the time to completely learn over these Audi A4 Automatic Gearbox Problems before attempting to install the kit. It will enormously speed up the set up process and minimize any difficulties you may encounter. This post easy to do it yourself, or perhaps want some help out of your pal. And all the time bear in mind to seek the advice of with technician in case you do not clearly perceive from this Audi A4 Automatic Gearbox Problems .

The Audi A4 is the topic of shoppers’ reviews of gearbox issues which hamper the steering and transmission of the car; every part from the digital management unit (ECU) on the transmission failing to the automatic gearbox leaping out of gear, harsh shifting, delayed shifting or lack of mobility fully.

ATF Pump Bushing

A technical service bulletin (TSB) printed on the Audi A4 by the producer issues the failure of a bushing on the automatic transmission fluid (ATF) pump. This bushing failure causes the pump to lose strain and finally causes the transmission to fail. The Audi will start to hesitate between shifting gears or upon acceleration. The bushing is a part of the valve physique and can’t be changed with out changing the whole ATF pump. However an ATF pump of better high quality should exchange it with the intention to forestall the bushing from failing once more.

Digital Control Unit Failure

ECU failure is a typical Audi A4 gearbox problem. The ECU controls the motion of the transmission when the gears are being chosen. As soon as the ECU begins to fail, a warning light on the sprint of the Audi will illuminate, notifying the operator that there’s a gearbox problem. The warning light additionally notifies the computer on the Audi, and locations the transmission right into a fail-protected mode to forestall injury to the transmission and gearbox. The Audi will lose energy, reverse gear might be misplaced or the Audi is not going to transfer when shifting into drive. Nobody cites a selected motive for the ECU failing, and there was no recall on the Audi.

Gearbox Slipping

One other frequent problem with the Audi A4 gearbox is when the transmission begins to slide. The gearbox slips when a driver is accelerating the Audi. The gearbox ought to hold every gear in place at totally different speeds, however as soon as the gearbox begins to slide there will likely be a jerking or hesitation throughout acceleration. Stories state that this gearbox drawback might be the results of a number of points together with low transmission fluid, gear shift adjustment or worn inside gears. The Audi A4 must go to a professional technician as quickly as these signs develop or main injury might have an effect on the gearbox.

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